Lisa Harmeier Dalga
simplified MONEY MATTERS

P. O. Box 1082
West Chester, OH 45071

Business: (513) 702-1104
Cell: (513) 702-1104

simplified MONEY MATTERS relieves anxiety and provides peace of mind to seniors and their families. Life-changing events and the challenges of aging create anxiety for many reasons. We never want managing the financial tasks of running the household to be one of them. We take care of the daily details.

Our services are as simple as sorting mail and as complicated as coordinating medical insurance benefits and payments. Other services include preparing checks for signature for monthly bill pay, and financial and medical statement reconciliation; verifying accuracy and rectifying errors. We also provide assistance in preparing a comprehensive binder, simplified, what your family needs to know to help your loved ones navigate your affairs in your absence.

We do not replace your accountant, attorney, or financial planner, but work in conjunction with them. If needed, we can provide referrals to these professionals.